Now Is The Right Time For Gold IRA Investing!

With all of the turmoil in the world markets it is hard to find something that is stable to invest in. While the stock market may go up for a while there is no guarantee that it won’t go down again. This market instability is wreaking havoc on many world currencies and the stability of the global bond market is a wreck.

Investing in real estate used to be a sure thing, just buy up some properties and you will make money. Unfortunately the money to invest in these properties is no longer available and the price for many homes has plummeted. While some markets are experiencing a turn around it is a shaky one at best, being cautious about investing in real estate is prudent right now. The true bottom of the market has yet to be experienced, and there is no end in sight for many counties and cities across the US.

Investing In Gold IRA Is The Best Solution Now

gold ira investingThe clear alternative then is to start investing in gold IRA. This type of IRA (Individual Retirement Account) provides stability by locking in the security of the assets through buying Gold bullion directly from the open market. These physical assets are far more likely to maintain their value over time.

The price of gold has been for the most part steadily rising over the past several decades. As more investors, including China and India, see the value of buying this commodity that price will just rise even more. While there are certainly pullbacks in this price over short periods the trend is clearly going up and just not stopping, this will continue on as global markets continue to look bleak.

These investment plans work by allowing the investor, you in this case, to buy gold directly on the open market and then have it stored in a secure vault that is audited and checked by the IRS. This was only put into place in 1997 so many investors are just simply unaware that this option is even available.

Coins Allowed In A Gold IRA

Since this is an IRS-backed plan you can only place certain precious metals into the IRA, namely those that are recognized by the IRS. The best option would be to buy only gold bars or American Eagle coins. By buying in larger amounts such as buying bars instead of coins you can save money as it is actually cheaper to buy in these large monetary amounts.

american eagle gold coin

But you are certainly not restricted to just buying American Eagle coins for gold IRA investing, you can also buy Canadian Maple Leafs and other currencies listed below:

Australian Kangaroo or Nugget coins

Austrian Philharmonic coins

Canadian Maple Leaf coins

Credit Suisse gold or PAMP Suisse gold Bars .999

There are other options as you can buy Silver, Platinum, and Palladium bars and coins to add to your asset mix. Your desire to be diversified should dictate the number of coins and the type of assets you choose to invest in, clearly as some metals increase in price others may decrease.

Just like any IRA there are fees involved with the gold IRA rollover. After all, you will have to pay for the storage and security of your assets as they are stored in an off-site location. These fees are typical of what you would find.

If You Already Own An IRA…

But what if you already have an IRA? What could you do then? Well, there is no law stating that you cannot open multiple accounts, in fact you can open as many IRA accounts as you want. The rules governing IRA contributions are all that really determine what you can invest in on a yearly basis. Depending upon if you are single or married and your total income you can invest in as many IRA’s as you want, you just cannot exceed the total amount allowed.

About Gold IRA Rollover And Transfer

You may also transfer money from one IRA to another, the rules regarding this are well known by those at Regal Assets and it is one of the best companies to handle your gold investment account. There is also the possibility of converting your current IRA into a Gold IRA. How this works is that you would sell your investments, all of them including stocks, bonds, and such, and then buy the same amount in Gold Bullion.

Now each type of transaction whether it is a direct transfer, a rollover, or however else you can move funds has their own tax implications. It is highly advisable that you seek out the advice of a trusted tax lawyer if you believe that your situation may warrant one, after all you really don’t want to get on the bad side of the IRS.

Now this may seem daunting, after researching this subject for a bit I found myself a bit lost at times. However, your custodian should be able to take care of all of the details for you, so there really should be some paperwork to fill out and some forms to sign and that is it. Really, it could not be as painless of an operation; those who are experienced in this know exactly what they are doing so you don’t have to worry about it.

How About Gold ETFs, Certificates, Etc.?

Now you may have heard that investing in gold ETF funds and certificates are just as good. That is a blatantly false statement. Those that state this are woefully misinformed. ETF funds are just as bad as any other stock or paper investments. Many of these funds choose to invest in the companies that mine gold. That is a dangerous activity that can be extremely expensive.

Investing in companies that mine gold is something that is ill advised as the profits are really controlled by the board of directors and not tied to any physical assets. Many of these companies operate in countries that are teetering on being stable; they could fall at any time. If any of these gold mines become unavailable then quite frankly many of these ETF’s will be volatile to say the least.

Physical Gold Is The Best

The physical asset class seems to be rising in terms of popularity. Not only is Gold rising in price but Silver, and even some of the other common commodities such as Bronze and Aluminum. The days of buying paper investments seem to be waning and if you don’t get on this trend soon you may lose out if there is a big market shift.

Starting up or transferring your IRA for Gold IRA investing is the way to go for the future. By doing this you will be ensuring the money you have at the moment does not lose its value. Rather, you may see the value of your retirement account rise even more then if you placed it paper assets such as Bonds, Stocks, and CD’s.
The Best Place For Gold IRA Investing

Regal Assets is a 10-year-old company that has staff who actually know what they are doing. Some of the more recent fly-by-night operations are woefully undertrained and may cause you to suffer some financial loss.

And, Regal Assets has an A+ rating on the BBB so they take their customer service seriously, that is extremely important when dealing with your future life plans. Those that remember the crash of the early 2000s can recall how people were duped into losing their entire retirement funds. You simply don’t have to worry about this with Regal Assets, there are very few complaints and those that complain are quickly taken care of to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Many thousands of people have started to move their retirement funds over this year. Now is the time to do it as the laws may change in the future. Not only is this true but the present fiat currencies of the world are clearly going to fluctuate. If you want to make sure you have some money at the end your working life THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!

Alternatively, if you are looking for help on retirement planning and how to make your savings work the best for you, be sure to see a financial advisor first.

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